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Since May 2022, we have been located at Seggelant-North 5B in Vierpolders. Our premises consist of a reception area, complete in our own style with a handcrafted oak bar to provide customers with a nice cold drink or a delicious cup of coffee. On the second floor is the office and a meeting room. From our office chairs, we have a complete view of our warehouse, which is located at the back of the building. Would you like to come and taste our atmosphere? Give us a call and join us, your drink is already waiting!

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What is a verified product return?

This is a product that has been returned to the seller or manufacturer and thoroughly tested for any defects or damage. It may still have some traces of use or minor damage, often transport damage. If the product had a defect, this has been remedied, so all products function 100% and will be experienced as brand new in use. See below some examples of signs of use. More info? Read our FAQ .

Important: Not every product has signs of use.