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The reason for return is unknown to us. In practice, we see just about every product returned because the size, color or appearance was not to your liking. All products are fully checked by us so that our customers can be sure that all the products we offer are in order.

Each product is fully checked by us upon arrival and tested for more than 24 hours. Once the product is 100% in order, we only approve the product and it will be added to our inventory. In addition, you will receive a one-year warranty with each product, ensuring you receive a working and correct product.

Pickup is certainly possible. When placing the order, you can choose whether to pick up the product or have it delivered. Do keep in mind the size of the product if you choose to pick up.

Once we have scheduled the transport you will receive an update on this by email, this will show the scheduled delivery day. If this is not convenient we would like to hear about it immediately so we can make changes. On the evening before delivery you will receive a reminder email with an expected time period, on the day of delivery this time period will update along with the delivery driver’s schedule. In case you missed the delivery guy despite everything? If so, please contact us and we will be happy to help you out!

Yes indeed! You can use
this link
to schedule an appointment to come see our warehouse. A staff member will then be available for questions and take a walk around to pick out the best model.

If you wish to pick up a product, you can schedule a desired pickup date and time while placing your order, depending on how busy it is, this can often be as early as the same day. If you have chosen to have your order delivered, it will take approximately 2 to 4 business days.

In almost all cases, the product’s packaging is no longer present. This is because products are often delivered to us in the wrong or without packaging. Because of this, we chose to remove all products from the packaging. If the product then still needs to be packed, as in the case of a delivery, we will again pack the product ourselves.

Climate cabinets may be transported lying down, however, keep in mind that the cabinet must be in place for at least 8 hours after receipt before you connect and turn on the cabinet.

The products we offer are return products, this means that regardless of being brand new, these products have had a previous owner. This allows the product to be considered second-hand and we do not have to charge VAT to our customers. Should there be any questions or other requirements for this, our customer service team can always be contacted.

We have all our orders delivered by outside courier company Brenger. Once we have scheduled your transport, you will receive notification of this by email. The evening before delivery, an estimated delivery time is given which is updated every half hour on the day of delivery, so you know exactly when you can expect your order and there are no surprises.

Yes definitely! We offer a one-year warranty on all our products.

Many products we offer come from returns, therefore the product may contain damage that is directly the reason why we can buy up the product at a competitive rate and offer it very cheaply.

We currently deliver in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany & Poland. Click here to place an order for Germany. For orders in The Netherlands use our main webshop.

What is a verified product return?

This is a product that has been returned to the seller or manufacturer and thoroughly tested for any defects or damage. It may still have some traces of use or minor damage, often transport damage. If the product had a defect, this has been remedied, so all products function 100% and will be experienced as brand new in use. See below some examples of signs of use. More info? Read our FAQ .

Important: Not every product has signs of use.