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Baltic Black – Air Cooler

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The fresh air of the Ostsee.

The fresh air of the Ostsee. With oneConcept Baltic Blue air cooler, a fresh breeze blows within your four walls, even on a hot summer day. The smart 3-in-1 device is a combination of fan, air cooler and humidifier. As a pure fan, the Baltic Blue moves its blades horizontally in three speeds and even then creates a touch of wind when the air is literally standing still everywhere. In this way, the device moves ...max. 360m³ air per hour. If the cooling function is now also switched on, the air cooler starts to evaporate water from its 6 liter tank, so that the air flowing past it cools down noticeably. This process is based on a purely physical principle and therefore requires no coolant and has a very low energy consumption of only 65 watts. To increase the cooling power even more, the supplied cooling elements can be added frozen to the water tank – or you simply put ice cubes in the water tank. This makes the oneConcept BalticBlue as a humidifier a handy helper even in winter, which continuously moistens dry heated air and thus provides relief for the mucous membrane that is plagued by it. Thanks to the transport wheels, the 3-in-1 air cooler follows you completely mobile to any place you want to refresh in detail: behind the desk, on the couch or while cooking in the kitchen, it doesn’t matter. For comfortable operation, the Baltic Blue also has its own remote control at hand. Refreshment like at the Ostsee: With the oneConcept BalticBlue 3-in-1 air cooler, summer can come.

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