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Coolster air cooler fan white

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Prepare for summer freshness

The refreshment specialists for hot summer days and nights: the oneConcept Coolster 4-in-1 air cooler not only distributes fresh air, but also cools it, humidifies the air and frees it from dust and odours. This not only relieves the heated mood, but also helps allergy-plagued noses to breathe relaxed. Not just a midsummer night’s dream – the custom airflow The powerful fan of the oneConcept Coolster moves up to 320 m³ of air per hour in 3 ...levels. Adjustable outflow louvres and a switchable oscillation ensure an improved distribution of the airflow in the room – ideal for moving standing air. In addition to the normal operating mode, two additional ones are available for individual refreshing experiences: the nature mode simulates increasing and decreasing natural winds, while the sleep mode quietens the fan step by step during the night hours. Prepare for summer freshness – thanks to integrated air cooler The switchable air cooler ensures a soothing cooling of the body temperature. The cooling of the air flow follows the natural principle of water evaporation: the Coolster draws in warm air from the back of the device and guides it through the evaporator. The water extracts the heat from the room air and the outflowing air flow becomes colder. This provides precise refreshment for the body, whatever the activity. In addition, the air is enriched with pleasant moisture, which provides relief especially on dry, hot days or with dry heating air in winter. If water needs to be refilled, this is very easy by pulling out the 4 liter water tank. Two extra cooling elements can increase the cooling performance in an energy-efficient way. Breathe deeply – with filter and ionizer against odors and dust The built-in dust filter and the switchable ionizer ensure clean air, which tirelessly remove dust and odor particles from the air, so that breathing in the cool air stream is twice as liberating. All functions are conveniently selected via the touch control panel on the device or the remote control. An also available switch-off timer can be programmed in 1-hour steps up to 9 hours. Summer can come with the oneConcept Coolster 4-in-1 air cooler, because targeted refreshment has the highest priority.

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5,9 kg
28,0 × 30,5 × 75,0 cm
Power supply:

220-240 VAC | 50/60hz


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