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Grandbreeze Eco 12K air conditioner White

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Ideal temperatures are no coincidence!

Ideal temperatures are no coincidence! The Klarstein Grandbreeze Eco 12K air conditioner turns its back on the summer heat and ensures indoors exactly the temperature that is most comfortable for you. At the office or at home, it doesn’t matter: cooling is guaranteed with the Grandbreeze Eco. More power for the dream climate: with 12,000 BTU / 1.35 kW cooling capacity under the hood, the Klarstein Grandbreeze Eco 12K air conditioner creates pleasant temperatures between 18 and 32 °C your living and working areas. In addition, the mobile air conditioner supplies rooms up to 59 m² with an air flow rate of max. 460 m³/h. Power should not be expensive: it is so economical that it has earned the energy efficiency class A +. A fan that can be set to three speeds distributes the cooled air in the room like a gentle sigh or a strong breeze. And if you only want to influence the air circulation, just let the fan work on its own and save a lot more on power consumption. In addition, the Grandbreeze Eco 12K frees you with its integrated dehumidifier function from warm and sultry air in your home and allows you to breathe relaxed on hot summer days. A programmable timer starts or stops the air conditioner after the selected period, while the sleep mode slowly reduces the cooling. You can control all functions of the Klarstein Grandbreeze Eco 12K air conditioner either with the clear control panel of the device or very conveniently via remote control. With clear lines and an elegant housing, the Klarstein Grandbreeze Eco 12K air conditioner cleverly adapts to any living or working environment and thus retains its place by the window sovereignly and unobtrusively. Of course, all necessary parts for connecting the air conditioner, such as the drain hose and window seal, are included. Moving the air conditioner is a piece of cake thanks to the integrated, smooth-running wheels. Summer can come! Because with the Klarstein Grandbreeze Eco 12K air conditioner you always keep a cool head and thus provide welcome cooling and fresh wind in your overheated rooms.

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