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New Breeze 9 mobile air conditioner

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Ideal temperatures are no coincidence!

Ideal temperatures are no coincidence! The Klarstein New Breeze 9 air conditioner gives the summer heat the cold shoulder and creates a comfortable temperature to the exact degree. With 9,000 BTU / 2.6 kW cooling capacity under the hood, the KlarsteinNew Breeze 9 air conditioner creates pleasant desired temperatures between 16 and 30 °C in your living and working rooms from 26 to 44 m². A fan with 4 speeds distributes the cooled air in the room as a gentle or powerful breeze and provides ...additional cooling by supplying fresh air. A programmable timer starts or stops the air conditioner after the selected time, while the sleep mode slowly reduces the cooling effect. All functions of the New Breeze 9 air conditioner can be set on the touch control panel of the device or conveniently with the remote control, while the wheels make the device super mobile. Summer can come! Because the Klarstein New Breeze 9 air conditioner brings ice-cold cooling and a breath of fresh air to every room.

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