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Klarstein Gran Reserva 180

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Storing wine is an art in itself

Black designer wine cellar with 2 cooling zones, 13 wooden shelves and 360 liters
volume for up to 180 bottles of wine. Lockable stainless steel door with
Stainless steel handle and double glazing. The Klarstein Gran Reserva wine cellar is a sophisticated device that allows you to present up to 180 bottles of wine in a representative manner. This wine cellar can be accessed through the large glass door
exhibiting his interior in a casual and successful ...manner. It is because of its otherwise sober appearance
a favorite place in gastronomic places, wine bars and others
types of oenological events. With a temperature range of 5 to 22° Celsius
all tastes and types of wine are catered for; There is also the possibility of others
types of drinks in the appliance. Create two independent cold zones
adequate treatment of different types of wine possible. The device is equipped with wooden planks
you can segment your wine collection flexibly, so that the bar staff
can help himself quickly. The device is equipped with the appropriate Holz control, the flexible segmentation of the
differ in the best way of doing business and the personal bar personality of a raschen-zugriff on
the different ones in the form of a woman. Storing wine is an art in itself. There are many factors that play a role
have a certain influence on the aroma of your bottles. Wine is a must
be stored in a vibration-free place
a conventional refrigerator is rarely the case. Frequent opening and closing of the door is also possible
damage the quality of the wine. This also affects the storage temperature and
This further damages the quality of the wine. Red and white wines differ in taste and color and should be consumed
are stored in different ways. This type of device is called a “climate wine cellar”.
This allows you to counteract the harmful effects mentioned above. Vibrations are absorbed by a
specially designed support system. Moreover, with this type of device you can benefit
of the benefits of different climate zones for red or white wine,
in accordance with the ideal storage conditions explained above. Bottles
red wine are placed in the upper compartment, while
bottles of white and sparkling wine in it
cooler lower compartment can be placed.

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95,0 kg
72,0 × 59,5 × 175,5 cm
No. of shelves:


Bottle capacity:


Cooling zones:


Temperature (Celsius):

5 to 22°C


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