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ICE6 Icemeister

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Provide your parties and events with cold refreshments

The Klarstein ICE6 Icemeister device comes to provide your parties and events with cold refreshments. Forget water mold, overcrowded freezers and the annoying tipping of ice cubes, because with an ice cube machine this is a thing of the past. The Icemeister device can hold 2.2 liters of water and starts production immediately after filling. After 15 minutes, the first 9 blocks are already ringing in the collection container. Then it’s the turn of the 150 W device: 10-minute intervals it throws out 9 more cubes until the water runs out or until the 0.8 liter tank (approx. 0.9 kg of ice) is full. Both – no water or a full ice tray – are shown on the device’s blue backlit LCD display. If the water is regularly refilled and the container is emptied, the device can create up to 12 kg of ice in 24 hours. The ice cube preparation device is operated via four buttons below the display. After pressing the button, you can choose between three ice cube sizes or set a practical timer. This makes it no problem to program the device in the morning before work, so that when you get home in the evening, ice is ready for relaxing cocktails. The display is large, has easy-to-understand symbols and a clear indication of the set operating mode. The soft blue backlight helps read the status of the device in low light and, on the other hand, emphasizes its simple elegance. Due to its handy dimensions, the Icemeister fits easily in the kitchen, on the counter or in the party room. You will not only be happy with the regular supply of ice cubes there. The elegant stainless steel construction, which meets the requirements for the shape and appearance of modern design, will certainly impress with its design. Thanks to the white plastic lid with transparent window and the blue LED light, it looks really professional. The Klarstein ice cream maker leaves no aftertaste, because all internal parts and the pump system are made of taste-neutral plastic. Even when cleaning, the Icemeister device is exemplary, because an automatic cleaning program is available, which reduces the share of your work. Residual water can be easily removed from the device with the drain valve.

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