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Vanilly Sky Family – Ice Cream Machine Black

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Time for an ice cream!

Time for an ice cream! Impulse ice cream for every moment! The Klarstein Vanilly Sky Family ice cream maker is a great way to create delicious ice cream and yoghurt specialties such as fruit and soft ice cream or frozen yoghurt in no time at all. Large and small gourmands are served in every season. “Fancy ice cream for the whole family? Homemade ice cream creations with delicious ingredients without pre-cooling.” The Klarstein Vanilly Sky is a real turbo ice cream maker that allows the selected ingredients to solidify up to 2.5 liters of delicious ice cream in a thermobox within an hour. This ensures perfect cooling on hot days and great fun at kids’ birthday parties – not to mention the good feeling of being sure that only the best ingredients end up in the ice cream. This also allows men to effortlessly take into account personal tastes and restrictions such as lactose intolerance or allergies. The ice cream maker does all this with a very economical power consumption of only 250 watts. “Never been so simple: in a few steps to ice-cold pleasure” Operating the ice cream maker is child’s play and takes place via an intuitive button control on the top. With the help of four buttons and a digital display, the optimal preparation time is set between 10 and 60 minutes and the device is started. During use, the remaining time is also displayed. After the preparation time has elapsed, the ice cream maker immediately switches to cooling mode so that the icy treats do not melt. An ice cream scoop is included to divide and finish the end product.

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