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Beerkules beer tap installation


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Freshly tapped is the best

For extra cool and extra fast beer enjoyment at home, all you need is the Klarstein Beerkules beer dispenser – the powerhouse when it comes to cooling! This means that the barley juice flows twice as fresh directly into the glass. Freshly tapped is the best. The Klarstein Beerkules beer dispenser ensures continuous hop enjoyment from all 5-litre kegs, with and without a built-in tap system. Its ability to cool quickly is truly formidable: Thanks to ...the powerful cooling compressor with UltraFast Cooling Technology, the dispensing system brings kegs at room temperature to pleasantly cool temperatures between 2 – 12 °C within 4 hours – no other is faster! The desired tap temperature is easily entered via the 6 presets or directly per degree on the LED display. Thanks to the CO2 pressurized gas bottle system, the barley juice then finds its way to a tulip glass, a whistle or a vase with a nice, frothy collar. Three gas cartridges are included and immediately provide the right pressure. To ensure that new kegs with a built-in tap system – for which no CO2 pressure is required – also have uncomplicated access, a matching adapter is also included. A smart level indicator constantly informs you about the remaining beer stock in the tap installation so that no one accidentally runs dry. The eye also drinks: with our Klarstein Beerkules beer dispenser, not only your taste buds will get their money’s worth. It is stylishly modeled in accordance with a counter with tap. In the body, luxurious black plastic parts enrich brushed stainless steel parts and ensure that they cut a good figure behind a bar, on a sideboard or in a beer tent. And if something goes wrong during tapping, the drip tray catches it quickly and reliably. On the Olympus of beer enjoyment, ice-cold refreshment straight from the keg: The Klarstein Beerkules beer tap.

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11,0 kg
48,0 × 27,2 × 47,0 cm

120 watts

Power supply:

220-240 VAC | 50/60hz


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