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Chillout ice maker Black

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Beautifully shaped ice cubes within minutes

Well chilled is simply tastier: with the Klarstein Chillout ice cube maker you can conjure up ice cubes in all your drinks in no time. We have also made sure that operation is as uncomplicated as possible. Just add water, switch it on and after just 8 minutes the first 9 spherical ice cubes will clatter into the collection container. You don’t have to set anything here, everything works completely automatically. LED lights alert you to ...a full container or a low water level. The transparent lid allows you to see the ice cubes at any time during the preparation process. A scoop is included for easy removal of ice cream cones – or you can take the entire collection container directly out of the machine, e.g. to fill an ice bed for fresh fish or fresh smoothies. After use, the insensitive housing is easy to clean. The elegant design with transparent lid also blends in perfectly with any ambience. And thanks to its low weight, the ice machine is also effortless to move and thus provides mobile ice to any party bar. Time for tasty drinks! With the Klarstein Chillout ice cube maker, you can have beautifully shaped ice cubes in just a few minutes.

Extra information

Additional information

6,6 kg
29,0 × 22,5 × 32,0 cm
Production volume:

approx. 12 kg / 24 hours

Water tank capacity:

1.5 l


120 watts



Power supply:

220-240 VAC | 50hz


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