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Kristall – Ice cube maker

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Cool drinks for parties in an instant

Beautifully shaped, crystal-clear ice cubes are now just a touch away: with the Klarstein Kristall ice cube maker, you can conjure up cool drinks for hot parties in no time at all! when it is well chilled it is perfect. With the Klarstein Kristall ice cube machine, every drink always has the right ice cube. And with this ice cube machine we are talking about particularly beautifully shaped, transparent crystal ice. The small cool powerhouse ...produces up to 15 kg of ice cubes within 24 hours and thus provides ice-cold refreshments around the clock. Simply fill the 2.5 liter tank with water, select the desired block size and it will start. After 27 minutes the first ice cubes are ready, larger cubes need 30 minutes. Every 20 or 23 minutes the new stock is pushed into the 600 gram container. For easy distribution, the container with the clear square ice cream can be removed. The operation is also very simple. You can set up the ice cube machine with just a few buttons. In addition, a large capacity does not always have to be equal to a large device! The Klarstein Kristall ice cube maker is super narrow and super small and also fits on the smallest counter and in the smallest party cellar. Here with those ice cubes! The Klarstein Kristall ice cube machine is the small powerhouse for ice-cold drinks.

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11,7 kg
35,0 × 29,0 × 36,0 cm


Power supply:

220-240 VAC | 50/60hz


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