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Herakles 3G – Standing Mixer Blue

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Ideal for making smoothies, soups, ice cream and raw vegetables

Professional stand mixer with 1500W, 40,000 Rpm and 2-litre jar made of BPA-free plastic. Ideal for making smoothies, soups, ice cream and raw vegetables. For a healthy diet with fresh, natural ingredients and an unadulterated taste. For lovers of healthy food, the Klarstein Herakles 3G professional mixer should not be missing in the kitchen: with its help you can prepare fresh and natural meals and drinks that cannot be bought anywhere else. 1500W max. power catapult 6 ...razor-sharp blades to 40,000 Rpm so that even hard foodstuffs, such as grain, ice cubes or couverture, are reduced in no time. For example, for a delicious smoothie, all you have to do is put your favorite fruits in the mixer and briefly puree. For a creamy soup you only need some vegetables and hot water. We leave it up to you with which quantities you mix. Your culinary creativity knows no bounds. Fresh preparation guarantees a real taste experience without added substances. The Herakles 3G is perfect for this healthy diet. Thanks to the blender jug, with a large capacity of 2 liters, meals can be prepared for the whole family, but also for many guests. Thanks to the button on the front, the rotational speed of the blades can be adjusted steplessly. The finenesses can be processed with the pulse button. An intelligent heat protection ensures that the motor keeps a cool head even when it is used particularly often. This is especially important for professional use. The lid of the jug is made of rubber, can be easily put on and taken off and holds everything in the jug that needs to stay in the jug. With its small footprint, the Klarstein Herakles 3G also fits into well-equipped kitchens. The stand mixer also fits perfectly in different kitchens from an optical point of view. Its four legs also ensure a firm stand. Bisphenol A (BPA) is an industrial chemical used in the production of polycarbonate plastics. For the sake of the environment and your health, we do not use BPA and other harmful substances in the production of this item. Anyone who wants to prepare their food in a healthy and environmentally friendly way will make the right decision with the Klarstein Herakles stand mixer.

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