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Ice Volcano 2G – Ice cube machine Black

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Provide ice-cold drinks for hot parties

The outbreak of refreshing cold: with the Klarstein Ice Volcano 2G ice cube maker, you can provide hot parties with ice-cold drinks!Kitchen and counter-friendly, the Klarstein Ice Volcano 2G ice cube maker can easily find a place even under stuffy conditions and provides all kinds of birthday parties, parties and events with refreshing ice cubes in bullet form. After 6 to 12 minutes, the first cubes already fall into the 0.6 kg large storage container. This ice ...volcano can produce up to 12 kg of ice cubes within 24 hours and deposit them directly into long drink or cocktail glasses via the dispenser. To ensure that the ice cubes also have the correct size, you can choose between a small and a large size during production. When the 2 liter water tank for production is empty or the storage container becomes full, a warning signal alerts you to this and the machine interrupts its work. Operating the Klarstein Ice Volcano 2G ice cube machine is very easy via a soft-touch control with a clear LC display. Here you can program the device with just a few presses on the start or stop timer and production will start whenever you want. Thanks to state-of-the-art cooling technology, the operating noise is pleasantly quiet so that it does not disturb the surrounding ambience. Taste-neutral internal materials guarantee untainted refreshing pleasure. The Klarstein Ice Volcano 2G ice cube maker provides an ice-cold burst of refreshing cubes. Available variants: black, silver (10030848) and red (10030849)

Extra information

Additional information

9,3 kg
35,0 × 25,0 × 37,0 cm
Cable length:


Production volume:

approx. 12 kg per day


r600a (23g)

Power supply:

ac 220-240v~ | 50/60hz


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