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Icebreaker – Ice crusher Red

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Every partygoer is provided with crushed ice for his drink

Now it’s cracking: simple and without muscles, with the Icebreaker ice crusher from oneConcept. The days when crushing ice had to be laborious and sweating with the ice pick or a hand machine that had to crumble the ice and then have a refreshing drink with crushed ice. Today that has been solved with the fully automatic grinding mechanism of the Icebreaker. Simply set up the funnel, add the ice cubes and switch on ...the device. Already after a short working time, the 3.5 liter (approximately 1.75 kg) large container fills with perfect crushed ice chips. Up to 15 kg of crushed ice can be made in just an hour with the Ice crusher and ensures that every partygoer is provided with crushed ice for his drink or lemonade or Caipirinha. With so much power under the hood, it is natural It goes without saying that oneConcept has equipped the Ice Crusher with two safety switches. It will not start up until the bin is properly installed and the switch on the front panel is pressed. Four suction cup feet keep the Icebreaker in place and prevent the bar from lying underneath. Cleaning is also easy: just run warm water through the Ice Crusher and that’s it. With its brushed stainless steel housing, the Ice crusher from oneConcept has a cool character and underlines its relevance with the right look.

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3,6 kg
27,0 × 17,0 × 46,5 cm
Power supply:

220-240v / 50-60hz


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