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mr. Black-Frost – Ice cube maker

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3 different sizes of ice cubes in no time

The Klarstein Mr. Black-Frost is an ice cube machine that meets the needs of small and medium-sized events working from the background with an ice-cold hand. The device with dimensions suitable for kitchen and bar produces approx. 9 ice balls in just 13 minutes, and within 24 hours up to a quantity of 15 kilograms. The powerful 150 Watt generator works relatively quietly and does not give the impression that bar conversations and folk murmurs are disturbed. In terms of ...operation, the Klarstein Mr. Black ice cream cone machine with the easy-to-understand fixture with 4 buttons a straight line to fast success experiences, where the size of the ice cream cones can be defined in 3 different sizes at the touch of a button. A transparent viewing window on the top of the chassis provides information about the amount of ice balls present. The workforce of the Klarstein ice cube maker is certified by the TÜV-GS and of course leaves no bad aftertaste. This means that the inner lining and the pump system are made of taste-neutral materials.

Extra information

Additional information

11,0 kg
38,0 × 30,0 × 37,0 cm
Cable length:


Production volume:

approx. 15 kg per day


r134a / 75g

Power supply:

ac 220-240 v, 50 hz


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