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On-The-Rocks – Ice maker

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A refreshing bed of ice in every drink

Whether shaken or stirred: With the Klarstein On-The-Rocks ice cube maker, the drinks always get extra ice balls! Small but oho: With its space-saving dimensions, the Klarstein On-The-Rocks ice cube maker can easily find a place even on the smallest surfaces and organizes parties and events with refreshing ice cubes that have the shape of a bullet. After only 6 to 12 minutes, the first cubes fall into the 0.6 kg large storage container. The small powerhouse produces ...up to 12 kg of ice cubes in 24 hours – and thanks to the transparent lid you can immediately watch the growth. So that the blocks have the right size, you can choose between large and small at the touch of a button. If the water in the 2.1-litre water tank is about to run out, or if the storage container is full, a warning signal alerts you to this and the ice cube maker ceases production. with colored signal LEDs for the selected settings. Thanks to the latest cooling technology, the noise level is pleasantly low, so that the atmosphere of the event is not disturbed. Taste-neutral and anti-bacterial materials on the inside guarantee undisturbed refreshment enjoyment. Since after the party is before the party, the device is cleaned in no time with an automatic cleaning program. Cold: The Klarstein On-The-Rock ice cube maker provides a refreshing bed of ice in every drink.

Extra information

Additional information

9,3 kg
32,5 × 24,0 × 35,0 cm
Cable length:


Production volume:

approx. 12 kg per day


r600a (21g)

Power supply:

220-240 VAC | 50/60hz


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