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Vanilla Sky – Red

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Always enjoy delicious ice cream

Fancy ice cream without the annoying pre-cooling of ingredients and ice container? Then the Vanilla Sky compressor ice cream maker from Klarstein is just the thing for you. The 180W strong compressor brings the desired ingredients to refreshing temperatures in a short time. Pre-cooling for several hours is neither necessary nor even desirable. When you feel like ice cream, the ice reservoir is filled, the device is switched on and just 30-40 minutes later the ...enjoyment can begin. Let your experimental imagination run wild, whether you like to eat classic vanilla ice cream, fruity strawberry or chocolate ice cream, with the Klarstein Vanilla Sky ice cream maker, your dreams come true. And that without any doubt about the origin of the ingredients used, because the person who makes his ice cream himself also knows what is really licked. The 2-litre ice cream container is ideal for providing families or children’s birthday parties with enough ice cream – so there is certainly no long face because a gourmet has been short. The operation of the compressor machine is simple: turning on the device, setting the time and starting the ice maker – all this is easily done with the four buttons and a small display on the top. With the start/stop button, the device can be stopped at any time to add more ingredients. The measuring cup and ice cream scoop make it easy to make and then distribute the ice cream. When it has finished stirring, the ice cream maker switches to cooling mode for one hour, so that the fresh ice cream does not immediately melt again because you have not stayed with it all the time. A motor protection function also guarantees that the appliance switches off automatically if it is blocked by frozen ingredients. After use, the ice machine is easy to clean as all parts that come into contact with the ice are removable. The timelessly beautiful body made of red stainless steel ensures that the Vanilla Sky from Klarstein always makes a good visual impression.

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