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Frosty mini fridge

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For cool freshness

The cool little one in reflective black: the Klarstein Frosty mini fridge will not let anyone down when it comes to keeping snacks, drinks, medicines or cosmetics at a cool temperature – in guest rooms, homes or bedrooms, it doesn’t matter! Compact yet compact very big when it comes to cooling: the Klarstein Frosty mini fridge with a usable capacity of 10 liters is the ideal storage place for all important trifles that cannot withstand heat: ...nail polish or beauty creams, ointments and tablets or simply chocolate and smoothies – here everything stays fresh. The desired temperature can be set steplessly between 12 and 18 °C. To ensure that there is a clear order in the medicine refrigerator, it has a removable glass base and is illuminated inside by a bright, white lamp when opened. The exterior of the Klarstein Frosty compact refrigerator is also glossy, because its entire front consists of black mirror glass. This makes the Frosty not just a mini fridge, but a refreshing design element for any environment. So that it can also be used anywhere, the thermoelectric cooling system produces only 33 dB noise, which means that it can also be placed in bedrooms without disturbing a good night’s sleep. The small black Klarstein Frosty mini fridge provides cool freshness.

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