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LG GSXV91BSAE American Refrigerator


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Refrigerator with a cold style and smart functionality

The LG GSXV91BSAE is an example of modern innovation and elegance in the world of American refrigerators. With a sleek design and advanced features such as an integrated water tap, an impressive 635 liter capacity, four spacious freezer compartments and an intuitive display, this refrigerator offers everything you need to keep your food fresh and transform your kitchen. With an unrivaled capacity of 635 liters, the LG GSXV91BSAE is ideal for families and anyone who ...enjoys cooking and shopping. Whether it’s fresh produce, drinks, or culinary creations, this refrigerator offers plenty of space to store everything in an organized manner. With this refrigerator’s handy water tap, fresh, chilled water is always within reach. Enjoy refreshing cold water straight from the refrigerator at the touch of a button, without having to open the door. The LG GSXV91BSAE features four generous freezer compartments, making it easy to organize frozen food and quickly access all your frozen essentials. Whether you store ice cream, frozen meals or frozen fresh produce, you’ll always have enough space for all your freezing needs. The built-in display of this refrigerator makes managing the settings extremely easy. Control and adjust the temperature, check the status of the water filter and receive important information about your refrigerator’s performance, all with a few taps on the screen. The LG GSXV91BSAE combines style, ease of use and advanced cooling technologies in one striking American refrigerator. With its refined design, fresh water tap, generous storage space and intuitive display, this refrigerator takes your kitchen to a higher level of luxury and functionality. Whether you have a large family, often entertain guests, or simply enjoy the convenience of a spacious refrigerator, the LG GSXV91BSAE is the ultimate choice for a modern, organized kitchen.

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130,0 kg
73,5 × 91,3 × 179,5 cm
Inhoud vriesruimte:

219 Liter

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Water reservoir

Totale inhoud:

635 Liter


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